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Our Team

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Angie Peters

Unedited Life Lead


John Peters

Unedited Life Lead


Mike Fry

Farm Outreach


Kristi Fry

3 Hats Design

Maven Mission

Govern the Fire 


Geoff Duncan

Maven Mission 

Govern the Fire 


Robyn Duncan

Maven Mission 

Govern the Fire 

Wholeness will become the new normal: body, soul, and spirit soar in perfect harmony, reflecting the magnificent design of the Creator. We are no longer fragmented beings; we are living testaments to the transformative power of God's love.

unedited life

We exist to mark and mobilize a generation who embody the true essence of discipleship; embracing the paradox of life emerging from death and the cost of following Jesus. We are charged with governing the fire and fanning wild flames to go out and disciple the nations.


Address: 902 N. Jefferson

Junction City, KS, USA

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Bow to stern, 120 yards -- the length of a football field.
Large hearts scrolled down its sides.
Bright flaming torches outline the main deck.


“You are stepping in to understand what it means to go to war in other nations. To pull them into their true identity so they might stand firm. So we would see the ecclesia worldwide established."

“Will you war for nations?”

Kansas is an important state! You are going to be able to see the rudder of this ship, for where the nation goes, and you’ll be able to war for it and see that change. But God is asking, will you put America aside and war in other nations? 

Each of you will go from holding a torch to becoming the torch, a living, burning sacrifice. That’s what he’s calling you to, to be a living burning sacrifice on this warship, to go into nations and to be the rescue mission, to be the unleashing mission, to be the release mission of what He’s looking to do in the nations.

I saw this openness for the nations to come to this house. I saw this release for you to go to the nations. I saw this going and coming, going and coming. You will be willing to go out to the foreigner to bless them and they will bless you back. 

I’m calling this house up higher, I’m calling this well, this trusted well to step into a place of war. He’s calling you into a high calling of war. It’s going to come about only by the place of surrender.

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